Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final Merry Art Market

The conclusion of the Merry Art Market was the most successful yet! It was filled with holiday tunes, decadent treats, and the mingling of artists with their customers.  I think the best thing was that after the sale there were mimosas and bartering.  Talk about my type of afternoon! I got the most wonderful gifts, um, for myself. :D  Two wonderful wooden cutting boards, a wooden wine stopper, ceramic necklace, two ceramic cups and a bowl, a ceramic plate, and a ceramic candy dish.  Potentially, I will also add earrings and a purse to all this.  Greatest thing was that it was all handmade!  Oh and I wasn't completely greedy, a few of those things will go to other people.  Just a few though. ;-)  I don't want to give up all my goodies.

I also got into a cup show at the Baltimore Clay Works.  I also got a parking ticket, but that is beside the point.  Yesterday was a great day.  I will share a few images of the final table set up.

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