Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Theory

I mentioned a few blogs ago about wanting to add more color to the "Caged" pieces.  I've been marinating on this idea while doing my R&R, and last week, I stopped in at Home Depot to raid their paint sample cards.  I took the million that I pilfered and punched a decorative hole in each with a fun little guy I got on clearance from Michael's.  

I want to see what the colors will look like when contrasted against one another.  I still want to use the terra sig on the chains so they will be sealed and still move, so that was my starting point when dealing with all of these colors.  I've seen lots of greenish celadon's added to earthenware pieces with terra sig, but I'm really digging this selection of blue I found.  I'm not sure about the placement of everything, but that will come when I actually start making. 

Looking back at the pieces for Roswell (thank you AJ Argentina for the images!), there is so much room for additional decoration.  I was afraid to add too much to the surface of the pieces because it would distract from the interior, but forget that.  I'm going to add on a lot more. 

While I am trying to figure out my colors combos, I decided to revisit some color theory.  I've read a few articles and review sections of old text books I own, but I think I need some more options.  I've decided to swing by the library tonight and check out some books so I can have a few more options for color.

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  1. What a good idea to punch the hole so that you can see the contrast, hope you're having a great summer!