Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend visit with the family

Apparently having my studio indoors is fantastic for when family/friends visit and it's a rainy day.  This weekend I had cousins visit from South Carolina for the first time.  It was pretty fun and a whirlwind of activity.

Enjoying River Street.

At Tybee Island (The little one's first time at the beach.)

Kristin's first time wheel throwing.

The boys painting their pottery.
Josh told me that it's really funny that it seems most of the young people who visit seem more interested in pottery than anything else.  The boys were alternating between taking turns playing a video game and making pieces out of clay. It made me smile.  Also on the agenda this past weekend was another tattoo!  Of course it would be a bird cage. :)  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Theory

I mentioned a few blogs ago about wanting to add more color to the "Caged" pieces.  I've been marinating on this idea while doing my R&R, and last week, I stopped in at Home Depot to raid their paint sample cards.  I took the million that I pilfered and punched a decorative hole in each with a fun little guy I got on clearance from Michael's.  

I want to see what the colors will look like when contrasted against one another.  I still want to use the terra sig on the chains so they will be sealed and still move, so that was my starting point when dealing with all of these colors.  I've seen lots of greenish celadon's added to earthenware pieces with terra sig, but I'm really digging this selection of blue I found.  I'm not sure about the placement of everything, but that will come when I actually start making. 

Looking back at the pieces for Roswell (thank you AJ Argentina for the images!), there is so much room for additional decoration.  I was afraid to add too much to the surface of the pieces because it would distract from the interior, but forget that.  I'm going to add on a lot more. 

While I am trying to figure out my colors combos, I decided to revisit some color theory.  I've read a few articles and review sections of old text books I own, but I think I need some more options.  I've decided to swing by the library tonight and check out some books so I can have a few more options for color.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Repairs and Roxie

It's been awhile since I've written, and that is partly because I have felt slightly guilty about my studio presence.  After finishing with the exhibition in Roswell, I was completely tired of clay.  Even my new tools that I bought from Atlanta Clay couldn't convince me to sit down and work.
Since the beginning of 2012, it's been exhibitions, teaching, commission, teaching, more teaching, and more exhibitions.  Keep in mind that all of this was while I wasn't working 40 hrs a week at SCAD.  I'm glad that I experienced all of these things, but at the same time, I had to cut other things out of my schedule. I quit exercising. I quit cooking. I quit relaxing.
I visited my family doctor back in April, and basically I had gained weight and I was stressed.  He gave me some options, but I was still in an unhappy place. As soon as the final hurdle was jumped (the Roswell show), I crashed.
Since June, I've been working to make repairs to my physical and mental health.  I believe that making work is obviously one of the most important things as a ceramicist, but maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle is also pretty paramount.  So far gotten into a somewhat normal exercise routine, started cooking at home so that I don't eat out as much (I made a pretty delish banana and lemon poppy seed bread last week), been reading more (part of my relaxation), gone to the beach/pool numerous times, and been hanging out with friends and family.  I actually visited Florence, SC, for the first time since Christmas a few weekends ago. Oh and the biggest thing: I'm slowly regaining my desire to make.

Last week, I had my good friends Suzi and Aaron visit from SC.  They brought along their 9 month old daughter Roxie with them.  She is completely adorable and I absolutely must be referred to as her Aunt.  There's honestly no way around it.  As I'm creeping up on the big 3-0 in a few years, I've started thinking about the possibility of having a kid.  Josh and I have discussed it and decided that there are other things, like school, that we view as more important right now.  However, seeing all the cute little family members in Florence really had me wanting a little Davis running around the house.  After hanging out with Roxie for a few days, I remembered that while motherhood is very rewarding, it's a HUGE commitment.  I still have a lot of growing to do as a ceramic artist, and while I am currently somewhat apathetic towards ceramics, I know that I want ceramics to be my lifetime commitment.  As much as I desire to love a little person who is my own, it's a really big responsibility.  If I have learned anything from the beginning of this year, it's that when things get complicated, I go crazy.  So to conclude, right now, no kid, just ceramics.

We got some really great pictures from my friends' trip.  When Roxie was at my house after a fun 4th of July at the Beach, I introduced her to the wheel and she had a blast.
At the Beach.
Bair Family Photo.

Roxie enjoys the sand.

Tired Trip Home.
What is Aunt Mitzi doing?
Roxie the Potter.
Throwing at it's best.
She really loved the way the slippery clay felt.  A girl after my own heart. :)