Sunday, January 30, 2011

Play Days

I always carry around a feeling of guilt anytime I don't spend my extra time in the studio. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS Savannah day in January. The skies were bright and blue, it was a warm and spring-like 62 degrees, and there was no possible way to spend my time in a room with no windows. It's not yet warm enough to move back into my studio space at home, so I left SCAD and caught up on a few errands. I got groceries, cooked lunch, developed my sour dough bread recipe (hope this one works!), and my sister and I FINALLY took down the Christmas decorations/tree. I also just sat in front of my large bay window in the sun and read a book. It was so delightful and a much needed day of rest.
However, today I am struggling to leave my house again. Sometime this happens to me. I've been on such a great creative streak, spending most of my time in the studio. I realize that I need a break every now and then, but I also know that I have a show coming up in March. I want to have my best work on display. I have pots to glaze here, but I also know that I need to finish working on some greenware on my shelf. I can't get my mind in the right place to get up and go. I have pieces in a glaze and bisque kiln, so I'm hoping those will spur me to create more. Yet I can always do that tomorrow.'s only 10:30am, so perhaps I will find it in me to go and at least finish one piece before the day is gone. :)

Before leaving here are some of the pieces that are currently in the bisque kiln:

The vase is a late, very late Christmas gift for me sister. I made the teacups earlier, and they were in the kiln when I made the saucers, so hopefully that will all work out. :) The forms with lids are going to be jars, and I'm going to made beaded handles for them.

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