Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Studio tour and working with Terra Sig

I have officially moved back into my studio at my house. There are so many benefits to having a personal studio. I realized last night how much I enjoy working in my backyard. My wheel faces the door, so I can see squirrels and birds frolicking about in the trees and grass when I throw. The studio is not without its cons, like it doubles as a garage, I don't have running water or air conditioning, and the electricity is limited to a standard outlet. Fortunately, I have enough power to run the essentials: wheel, heat gun, fan, and stereo. :) Here are some images of my space. It is quite small, but it causes me to be more efficient. I only wish that I had my kiln hooked up so I wouldn't have to transport my work, but I currently don't need it (or the bill) because I can use SCADs.

Images: (starting top left) view of studio from my backyard, my studio upon entry, looking to the left, looking to the right, view from my wheel, and my friendly new pet Raul who was not harmed by my fan :D

Current projects: I am working on a complex teapot that I would like to submit to a juried show (deadline quickly approaching in May!), but I'm still considering how to finish it. We'll see if it will make it in time or not. Also, I am working on a Monopoly board made out of clay. I am kinda exciting about it, because I don't drift out of my functional mode often. The board is for a 50 year wedding anniversary. Apparently it's a new trend, because a friend of mine was commissioned to do one as well. It's kind of bizarre, but it's a project that pays. :) As well as all of these projects, I'm still trying to keep my gallery stocked. I'm working on some tumblers. I have also been using my terra sig and having fun burnishing on them. Here they are:

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