Sunday, July 3, 2011


I updated my website a few days ago. Visit the portfolio if you would like to see the images of my newer pieces.
Other updates: I applied to three shows and I am waiting on notification of whether I was rejected/accepted (hoping for at least one!). I dropped off a fair amount of bowls and mugs to my gallery yesterday; she seemed pleased about the work, but I don't think the owner is rather happy that I no longer put bugs on my mason jars. I was admiring the paintings in the gallery while she was helping a customer, and I can see why people/tourists would want them. The painting are beautiful, iconic images of Savannah, and as a tourist visiting the first time, this town can be quite captivating (thus impulse buys of Savannah artwork?). Mason jars with cute little blue butterflies on them are right up there on the Southern charm scale, but I want my work to be more whimsical than Southern. My goal is to get into grad school with my portfolio not just to sell. Don't get me wrong, the money helps, but I need to find a good balance of what sells and makes me happy.
I've taken yesterday and today for myself, so tonight it's back to the grind. I feel like my portfolio is headed in the right direction, but I still have a long way to go.
Happy 4th everyone!

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