Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thor meets Ceramics

Meet Thor. Yes, I see everyone rolling their eyes, but I think my hammer is very appropriately named. Hammers are a very vital instrument in the Ceramic industry. Why you say? Well…I can’t tell you how many pots I’ve seen that were tossed in the woods near a kiln or thrown in the garbage, only to be fished out by some unsuspected stranger who thought it was their lucky day to happen upon great artwork that was free. We all make mistakes, artists included. Just to make sure it can't be used, we break our pots.

I once read an article about an artist who charged an obscene amount of money for his reject pieces. A lady who was touring his studio wanted a particular bowl that he no longer had in stock. The lady said, “But sir, you have four more of those bowls right there underneath your table.” He said, “I promise you wouldn’t want those. If you give me some time I will make some for you that will be better than those and a third of the price.” :)

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