Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've haven't blogged lately, and definitely haven't been keeping up with my found artists of the week. So here goes:

Dining in IV: An Artful Experience is up and showing. Go to 18 Hands Gallery to view the show. (*Note: I don't know if it's just the viewer on my computer or not, but the images are SUPER slow to load. Once it has loaded though, they are really easy to view.) It's a pretty good show and I really wish I could have been at the opening.

I succumbed to my gallery owners wishes and I am getting her some more darn bug mason jars. She gave me all of my "Birds and Clouds" mason jars back. I'm a little peeved because she not only rejected those but some of my red bowls as well. I gave them a second look, and I admit the red bowls could use a little work, but I think the mason jars are an improvement. Oh well, the economy is in some hard times and she wants
what sells. A plus is that I met a really great partner of The Gallery when I went to pick up my things, and she told me she though the birds and clouds were an improvement from the bugs as well. Made me feel vindicated.

In other news, I forgot two major things this past week: to apply to show deadline that my work would be perfect for (Decalicious) and I forgot my 5 year anniversary. He did too, which I think makes it even sadder. I knew it was coming, but I had two back-to-back Raku sessions to orchestrate on Friday and Saturday that I had to get up early for...yadda yadda. I will try to do better is all I can promise. :)

I had never seen this artist's work before. She is a well known designer from well before my existence, and I think she's 94 and still designing ceramics, furniture, etc. Quite impressive in any respect, and the work is immaculate. I'm quite inspired by the casserole dish on the left. Ladies and Gentlemen presenting the fantastic ceramics of the week by Eva Zeisel.

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  1. ps- i loved loved and still to this day love the bugs!