Friday, November 11, 2011

Visiting Artist: Jim Dugan

We had a visiting artist this week (of course it's right before finals) and that means there are 2-3 days of indulging in fantastic food, staying out late having great conversation, and watching lots of great ceramic work being made.  All of these things are really awesome, but it tends to get a little stressful I have obligations like work at SCAD, work in the studio, and work at home.

Jim Dugan was our visiting artist.  He is the wood kiln manager, resident artist director, and instructor from the Baltimore Clayworks.  Watching him work and listening to him speak about his pottery was immensely inspiring.  I want to say that he was one of my favorite visiting artists that we have had here at SCAD.  Just to see an actual potter be so prolific and just make really great pots was so energizing that I went home last night with every intention of just relaxing and taking a breather, but instead I worked in my studio.

It's been really busy week, and I don't feel as if I've spent time at home.  I'm a real home body and I need time to mellow out, or else I get cranky.  I've managed to keep the crank to a minimum, but barely. :)  We also just had a raku firing today with the Ceramics Club.  Open studio at Alexander Hall is tonight.  Final glaze kilns will be firing off tonight.  The Ceramics Club is giving a demonstration tomorrow at the Student Expo (I have to make sure the wheels go there and make it back in one piece). SECAC is in town and the final lecture is in Alexander Hall tomorrow night (so I have to make sure the facilities look top notch). And then finals are next week.  I will definitely be taking some time off during Thanksgiving to work on some projects that I have yet to complete.  ::sighs::

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