Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've been trying to set up a few money making adventures to fund my ceramic expenses.  They are all currently in progress, which does nothing to provide income, but hopefully they will be fruitful.

  • I'm trying to set up an interview with Kobo gallery for this weekend.  Then I will have to deliver work to them so that the rest of the members will vote whether they like my work or not.  ::crosses fingers::
  • I'm also waiting on Uncommon Goods to tell me if they want to sell my Birds and Clouds Dinnerware.  I sent them a sample, that I really, REALLY hope made it in one piece.  I was lazy with packing and now I'm nervous about it.  If they do vote on me, then my work will be in their Summer catalog. 
  • My night class at Savannah's Clay Spot met for the first time last night.  It seems to be a really great and gifted group of individuals.  
  • I also might get the opportunity to teach clay to middle and high school students in February during a week long workshop.  I will be teaching at Savannah Christian Prep School for their Art Blitz Program where various artist come and give workshops.  It's a pretty cool thing, and I seem to be getting a wide range of teaching experience lately, so why not add middle and high school students to it?
Also, I've started editing some photos from the work that I've been doing lately.  I'll leave you with a finished photo. :)

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