Saturday, January 28, 2012


Harley (my Siamese child) and I took a "walk" this morning.  I say "walk" because Harley likes to sit and observe more than walk and explore.  This gives me the opportunity to check some emails on my phone and drink some coffee out of my wonderful Lisa Bradley cup. I typically walk him in the afternoons after work, and we learned this morning that there are a lot more noises from squirrels and birds to make him agitated.  His leash is a new experience and I continuously have to console him, so after about an hour, we came back inside.  I sat down to reorganize my blog, and got wrapped up in it.  I have a lot to accomplish this weekend, so I will have to cut this blog a little short.

I got my first PO from Uncommon Goods.  They want 25 sets by the end of February for their online presence.  I told them I would try, so I need to go and make another mold, but before I do, look at what came in the mail yesterday...two gallons of glaze for the B/C sets.  By ordering a gallon on the darker glaze, I saved about $7 a pint! :)

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  1. Love the new Back Ground. Mine is the same but grey. HA! Good save by the way!