Thursday, May 24, 2012

I wonder what's next...

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me.  :)  I have one final order to submit to UncommonGoods and I will be FINISHED!  I wasn't able to produce as much as I had originally hoped, so I have lots of boxes left, but those will eventually come in handy, right?

I also won't be teaching a summer class at the Clay Spot.  I think all of the stress from all of my extracurricular activities was impeding my creative juices, because now I feel excited to create my other work and it's coming at a really good time too.  I only have...basically two weeks to make my pieces for the Roswell show. Eek!  I've got to get it done.

I completed my cloud bowl mold last night, but I wasn't able to get the prototype off of the second half and there was some sticking issues with the first half, but they weren't as bad as the first mold.  I'm pretty excited to cast.

I re-fired the plates, but what I anticipated happening didn't.  The decals were stable, but the bubbles didn't go away.  I am doing one more test, and hoping that it works.  The first cone 6 glaze firing was fine.  I then decaled the pieces and that's when the black glaze bubbled.  Just re-firing didn't work so I added more black glaze all over one of the pieces and then added a clear glaze to the outside of one to see if that would help to encourage the bubbles to melt.  I get to see the results of my tests today.

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