Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work and Roots

The biggest thing today is that it's the final day of the quarter at SCAD and I am stoked!  I get to start my week vacation tomorrow and it's going to be unending studio time for this chick.  I thought that I had left my procrastinating ways back in undergrad, but  It's exactly one week before I need to leave to go to the group show in Roswell and I still need to make and fire work.  I am going to try to creatively kick ass, but it's going to be intense.

Yesterday I made some white terra sig, and I need to go home tonight and decant it, but I'm so excited to try it out.  I'm not going to use it on the pots for the show, but hopefully it will be incorporated into some future work.  For the show, I am planning on making a few more caged pieces with more complex decoration on the interior.  It looks as if my buyer for the "caged teapot" wasn't real or maybe lost interest, but I am very relieved.  I know it means not making dinero, but I really needed the piece for the show.

My cloud mold is awesome now.  There was some serious sticking that occurred with the prototype, so I had to saw the top portion in half with a ban saw, but I was able to repair it with epoxy and plaster.  I want to go home tonight and make a cast.  I hope to have one or two for the show.  ::crosses fingers::

So the adventure with trying to reglaze the plates did not work out.  Most of them cracked.  I was unwilling to accept that most of that hard work was lost, but now I have to suck it up.  I got an extension on the deadline for the final order, so in the midst of all my crazy studio time next week, I will be cleaning more plates.  My earlier celebration for completing the UG commission was premature.  This time I will do it right (buy an expensive bottle of alcohol and have a dance off when the UPS truck picks up the box). :)

In other news, I also found out about a month ago that Yves, Jessica, and I will have a exhibition space at NCECA in Houston, TX.  The theme of the show is "Transplant." At first, I was not thrilled about the idea, because I haven't fully executed the current ideas I have now, and making work with a new theme seems unfair.  Then, I did some research about the word and found my niche.  I brainstormed in my sketch book and "I'm back in the game." It has to do with roots, but I'll explain more on that later.

Onward to the studio...

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