Monday, June 11, 2012

Savannah Clay at Roswell Art Center West

Traveling to Roswell took a little while, but Josh and I packed up and got there Thursday night.  Friday morning we got up early to scout out the area and grab some breakfast before setting up the show.  We ate at the Flying Biscuit Cafe and it was AMAZING!  I wish I would have taken an image of the spread we had, but before I knew it, the food was devoured.  It is a chain restaurant, so if there is one near you, please go!

Setting up the show was quick and painless.  Roswell Art Center West is an amazing studio/gallery, that has ample space for their residents and students and kilns galore (raku, electric, gas, and salt/soda).  All of this takes place in a two story house with a basement that is surrounded by verdant grass and trees.  It reminded me a lot of Shorter, but 10x better.  

Roswell is a trendy, suburban area.  I realized that while historic Savannah has it's charm, I really would enjoy living in an area that is more modern.  I wish we would have had a little more time to explore the area, but I wanted to make a special trip to Atlanta Clay to buy some clay tools.  Josh REALLY hated going there.  I had to beg him to come along on the trip in the first place, because he's really not one for traveling and clay.  I finally convinced him that I didn't hate him although I spent almost an hour in the store.  I have yet to try out my goodies, but I plan to this week.  We also stopped by two Super Targets (yes, Savannah has no Super Targets, but Roswell has is this possible?) to search for a purse that I wanted, Trader Joes, Einstein Bagel Co., INC. Street Food, and Thumbs Up Cafe.  Every place we visited was a new and great experience.  We don't have plans for moving to Roswell, but it's definitely an example for where we want to live in the future.

Finally, after much ado, here are some images from the show!  Enjoy!

Setting up with Lisa Bradley (far left), AJ Argentina, Jessica Broad, and Pat Mooney

Right view on entering gallery; my Clothesline Bowls and Daddy's Tools (Cups)
Yves Paquette's work and Lisa Bradley

Josh Davis and Yves Paquette
My Caged Tumblers and Caged Fruit Bowl

Left view entering the gallery; Lisa Bradley and Yves Paquette's work
Yves's Paquette's work
Jessica Broad's work

More Jessica Broad's work and Mary Cale Anderegg's work
Mary Cale Anderegg's work
More of Lisa Bradley's work

Lisa Bradley's work from back
Judy Mooney's work

More of Judy Mooney's work
Yves Paquette's work and my Caged Teacup, Saucer, and Spoon and Caged Teapot
Opening night was PACKED!
We even got to see a past SCAD Ceramic Arts student, Anthony Cerilli.

The opening had a successful turnout.  There were a lot of people from the area and the hor d'oeuvres were awesome.  Some of the people I knew from the area couldn't make it opening night, but I really recommend seeing this exhibit.  It will rock your socks.

After all the excitement, I was glad to come home, mostly for my bed.  This past week of vacation has been very eventful and I feel like it's the conclusion of this crazy beginning of 2012.  Now, it's time for me to refocus on entering juried shows for the remainder of the year and the NCECA show 2013.

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