Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is a chapter in Annie Dillard's A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, titled "Fecundity."  It's such an awesome word (and that book is incredible), and it applies to my studio life lately.

I finished the commission for SCAD.  The cloud catchers were "okay" in my opinion.  Apparently, if you apply too much RIO, it acts like a black stain.  Some fired too dark, but alas, I did not have time remake any, so I cleaned them the best I could and added a little Indian ink to a few.  The events coordinator seemed thrilled by them, so I guess I should be happy.  Here is a link to the event if you're interested in discovering what SCAD La Maison Basse is all about.

I've done a few firings in the past few days.  Little Sister is sick, so I'm trying to get an electrician out to check out the connections.  She keeps throwing the breaker when she fires, so I've been relying on Big Brother.  I fired a cone 6 glaze last night that reached a perfect cone.  I can't wait to see the results.

I bisqued my stamps and I plan to make some cups soon to use them.  My favorite one is the flower that is in the top left corner of the image.

I also poured another cloud bowl prototype.  The mold was requiring too much clean up time, so I am planning to remake the mold as mentioned before.  Oh and yes, that is a plaster replica of a 1/2 gal milk jug.  I had some extra plaster, and that's what I found to use.

And finally, the most exciting news as of late was that I finally sat down with my new sewing machine and learned how to thread the darn thing.  Last night, I dedicated myself to making curtains and a new pillow cover for my chair.  I'm so proud.

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