Monday, October 1, 2012

Throw-veralls and A New Goal

I think I may need a pair of overalls.  I haven't had a pair since I was 13 and there was a student who came into the studio at SCAD with a pair and she called them her "Throw-veralls."  I think she was setting a great example and I need to follow suit.  :D

I've been pretty involved with Pinterest lately, and I discovered Jillian Owens website.  Her concept (remaking at one item a day for 365 days) was pretty inspiring.  I've been toying with the idea of doing something similar, but obviously my ceramics could not be completed in one day.  I'm not sure yet how long I want to carry this out.  Perhaps 1 or 2 months; I think a year would be a bit adventurous.  Then there is the obstacle of what happens when I travel on weekends or when I can't access my studio?

Hrm...what about "Five Forms by Friday."  Ooh, I like that.  That I could do. Five months?  I think this may have to be my new goal.  "Five Forms for Five Months by Friday" or "5x5 Friday" Whad up!  Okay so starting this Friday, Oct 5 (very poetic, yes?) my first 5x5 will make an appearance. :D  These forms will have to all be unfired, so each week I will have something new to present.  I will finish them later once I have enough to bisque.

Get ready folks for 5x5 Fridays!

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