Monday, September 12, 2011

New studio.

If you happened upon my most recent, slightly psychotic blog, then you might understand the title for this entry.  I mentioned that I was concerned about this coming winter (which is approaching too slowly for my taste). I knew that last year's winter was very uncomfortable for me and my clay, and I could continue to insulate the shed, but it would be pretty expensive. So, I decided to move my studio indoors.  There are obviously many other benefits to having a studio indoors as opposed to outdoors in a tin building, like lighting, convenience, air conditioning/heat, more electrical outlets, running water, etc.  All of which are reasons I used to convince my husband of why this should happen.  I think the fact that we would save money on the electrical bill sold him, though he is still a little hesitant about me moving clay into the house because clay=mess.  Which is a completely valid point and is still a very large concern.  Well, that and the fact that we have cats that are very curious.

So I've taken some precautionary steps.

First, I moved the litter box and food/water for the little buggers into our extra bathroom.  It's at the opposite side of the house from where my studio will be located.  I will then be able to close off a section of the house when I have ongoing projects that I don't want them to destroy.

Secondly, I ordered a painter's drop cloth to line the carpet.  The cloth has a lining on the back that will not allow the clay to seep through if it's dropped.

Now comes to what I did all weekend: I moved A LOT of stuff.  I packed books, ceramics, tools, and other things into boxes and bags and moved them out of our supposed "dining room" area.  I had converted this spot into more of an office/glazing area anyways because we never used our dining room table.  **Side note: Am I the only artist that has WAY too many sketch books?  I seriously found some from high school.  I think they totaled to about 10-15 books, and most of them were empty.

I now have to clean and move all of my studio things into the house.  Josh is going to help me move the heavier items.  I hope to have everything set up by this weekend so I can start working on a few projects that I have pushed back too far already.  Ooh, I also have a plan for shelving that is super exciting.

Here is the progress so far:

More pictures to come!

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