Monday, February 13, 2012


Artz Blitz happened!  I taught 8th grade at Savannah Christian Preparatory School last week. It was so rewarding and inspiring.  I had 18 girls that made "Characters in Clay" with the coiling method, and they made everything from Spongebob and Mickey Mouse to realistic portrait heads.  The class met for one week, 8:45-9:45am.  By Wednesday of last week, I considered changing the assignment altogether, because I didn't think we had enough time to finish, but I stuck with it and they pulled it off.  I meant to grab a photo before I loaded all of them in the kiln yesterday, but alas I forgot.  I will try to get one before they're returned to the students.

George as a western catalog model
George McCauley was also here last week at SCAD.  He was our visiting artist for Winter Quarter.  It is always a pleasure to see him.  He is so entertaining, and although his style of work is very different from mine, I always enjoy watching him create.

Meanwhile, I am also still in creation mode for the Uncommon Goods catalog.  I still teaching at Savannah's Clay Spot on Monday nights as well.  The current class, Try Clay On and Off the Wheel, is almost over, but then another one will start March 5 (

So needless to say juggling a few jobs is tough, and an experience that can leave your body unhappy.  Mine decided that it was tired of taking abuse and retaliated by giving me a cold or severe allergies.  I can't decide which, so I'm taking meds that will cover both grounds.  While I am pressing through, I am also on the search for an accountant to help me take care of my taxes for this past year.  It's the not-so-much-fun part. I'm creating a spread sheet in Excel that will help me to organize everything.  I should have been keeping receipts and a document all year long, but initially, the only reason I registered my business was because of The Gallery.  At that time, it was a source of income, but it wasn't anything that I took seriously.  Slowly, this has taken off into what is looking like a nice side job; therefore, I am here trying to collect receipts and track my income/expenses from 2011.  When I was growing up, I remember my parents having a hectic schedule this time of, I know why. :)

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