Sunday, February 26, 2012

UG Update

Progress is being made in the studio.  There have been a few hitches that I will describe in a bit, but first I wanted to mention that I'm on the Uncommon Goods website!  The images look so awesome!  I was also featured on their blog. Pretty exciting times for Mitzi's Functional Ware House. :)

Like I mentioned earlier, progress is happening, but not without a few added stress factors.  I was firing a kiln this weekend when it didn't reach temperature.  I thought it was because I was venting the kiln, so I restarted it, and unfortunately, it is one or more of the elements.  So I have to unload all the work, repair, and re-fire. Ugh. That work was scheduled to arrive at UG next Monday...obviously that probably won't happen.

Previous to the firing, I realized that my studio space was not large enough.  If I were to start taking over the living room, Josh may divorce me, so I added two more 12"Wx48"L MDF shelves to my arrangement I had already set up.  When I woke up the next morning, I noticed a hairline crack extending across the wall.  I spoke with one of my students at the Clay Spot who is a construction worker, and he said it was the dry wall seam.  Growing up, my dad harped at his wife and 3 girls to ALWAYS hang things in the studs.  I have no idea what I was originally thinking, but apparently I didn't put the single shelf strips in the studs and the weight of the new shelves caused the drywall to shift.  I purchased a cheap stud finder, took the work down, and reattached the shelves.  My house is fairly aged, and I wasn't having much luck finding the studs with the cheap finder. I looked up all types of DIY help tips, and I'm pretty sure what I found was a stud and not just drywall.  I was a nervous wreck that night, because I was second guessing where the studs were and imaging the scene I would discover in the morning with all my sets crushed and laying on the floor.  Here is the beauty of my shelves now, filled with UG goods. :)

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