Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking a little time to write

It's the beginning of the week again!  Time to reevaluate where the weekend went exactly and in doing so, I am reminded that there is a lot that I haven't written about in my blog.  To catch up a bit...

  • Wrapped up another Artz Blitz (this time at Savannah Christian Preparatory High School).  It was a lot of fun, but I don't have pics of the students' pieces this time.  The high school had their own kiln (part of very nice facilities), so I loaded up my student work there and completely forgot to take a few snapshots.  They made animals out of clay and we kept it at a smaller scale.  I had a few kitties, snakes, a swan, a mutant snail/turtle, and some other normal/not so normal critters. 
  • Celebrated SCAD's DeFine Arts Week by gallery hopping with a few friends and I got to see an amazing exhibition.  Jane Alexander's work is at our SCAD MoA, and because I work in ceramics, most 3-D work excites me.  This exhibition was engaging, dark, and just really awesome.  There isn't a lot about Jane on the web, but she is a sculptor whose works comment on current socio political issues in South Africa. Using direct modelling techniques and working in plaster, she produces life size figures and small figures set in multimedia installations.  Here is an image of her most famous work "The Butcher Boys," which unfortunately wasn't at the exhibition.

  • Sent my first shipment to UG.  I still haven't quite mastered how NOT to lose so many plates in this process; I was supposed to send them 25, but due to various factors I was only able to send 15.  (I just unloaded some sets today and lost about 1/5 of the large plates. Such a bummer.)
  • Sent some cups to Terra Incognito Studios for the "Coffee, Tea, ?"
  • Tied up another "Try Clay On and Off the Wheel" at Savannah's Clay Spot.  I am starting a new session again tonight.  Some of my students got to use decals, so that was pretty exciting.
I am going to ship some more work to Colorado tomorrow to the "delecTABLE" exhibition at the Art Students League of Denver.  I also received a commission from SCAD to make some bowls for an event in New York.  They will be using the bowls as centerpieces that I'm told will hold floral arrangements.  I really love that things keep lining up, but I think I'm more than ready for a break.  Here are a few snapshots of the bowls (not bisqued) that I will be making for SCAD.

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