Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday 5x5

I decided to continue working on tumbler forms.  While those from last week are cool, they don't allow me very much room for more surface decoration.  I want a simpler form.  I was inspired by Martha Grover's demo she does for Ceramics Arts Daily.  Martha's pots are very fluid and unique, and to construct them she throws open forms and attaches a slab base.  I wanted to explore creating unique bottoms for my work as well.  I really enjoy the bottom of #1 the best because it looks like a little cloud took up residence on the foot.  I think this is something that may be incorporated in a lot of my work from now.    

1, 2, 3
I also wanted to start making some spoons.  I have created a board on Pinterest dedicated to spoon research. :)  I have only made one other spoon in the past and it was like spoon #4.  I wanted to alter the form, so I attached little clouds.  The spoon was rather fragile when I was working on it, so I need to go back and touch up shape a bit, but overall I am kinda excited about it.


Spoon #5 is simple.  I plan to do some underglazing and mishima to both it and the tumblers up top.  Pics of those will come later! ***You may notice the grog in the image of #5.  It's driving me crazy!  I mixed the clay without cleaning the mixer, so this is all my fault, but still. :(

Also, meet my handy studio helper.  It's quite wonderful to look down and see his face when I'm working.

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  1. Hi Mitzi, I like the tumbler #1, above, and from the other post, the one with the foot. I know exactly what you mean by needing surfaces to put decoration on. I like to have it nice and smooth too! I finally figured how to burn some silk screens at home, so I have some new images to play with! maybe I'll make some tiles,